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"Adrianna has done an exceptional job moderating and hosting several events (both in-person and virtual) for The White Dress Project. She possesses a deep knowledge of diverse topics and issues. Adrianna has the innate ability to engage and captivate the audience. She truly is a gem and we are so blessed to have someone as talented as her in our corner!" ~ N.O., Nonprofit event coordinator

"Your candor, sincerity, and common sense are refreshing!" ~ A.W. Media mogul

"To see you now, strong, capable, relatable, creative, and consistent is fulfilling your potential. You’ve developed strong news discernment and built credibility. You are at ease and assured no matter the newscast, the co-anchor, or the live shot. Viewers know that you are there - engaged and on top of it." ~ L.M., Talent coach

"I always know it’ll be an amazing event if you are leading the conversation." ~ A.M., Nonprofit event coordinator